The artist duo BOSMOS consists of the visual artist and scenographer Lars Unger and the composer and sound designer Wilco Alkema. It was formed in 2008 to develop a new form of theatre that does without actors and text and instead uses only stage design, light and music as narrative elements. The live performances, known as "concerts", deal in an associative and abstract way with changing themes like nature vs. technology, the experience of time and space, standstill and absence, mechanical autonomy and the withdrawal of interpretation. All this with the aim of constantly testing and questioning the audience's expectations.

Since 2015, BOSMOS has extended its stage concept to the exhibition space through objects in which light and sound meet a physical form. Using basic elements of theatre, BOSMOS creates walk-in, space-filling installations.

Musical rehearsal for BOSMOS' first ever show
Blauwgrijs in 2008 in Groningen (NL)

Rehearsal stage for Concrete Jungle 2013
Laswerkplaats Amersfoort (NL)

Bosmachine 2009
Created and performed at Festival Worteldagen
Norg (NL)

Performing The Black Performance 2020
Oldenburgisches Staatstheater